Musical Futures is building new partnerships to deliver in-house training, networking and support for schools and organisations across the UK.

We believe music learning works best when young people are making music, and when their existing passion for music is reflected and built-upon in the classroom. Musical Futures was established in 2003 and grounded in academic research, is based on the real-world practices of popular and community musicians.

Musical Futures offers a range of professional development packages that focus through practical music making and collaborative planning on developing and extending the skills of classroom and instrumental teachers.

Current professional development packages are flexible, ranging from full and half day training sessions to practical workshops and conference sessions. Our current packages can include one or more of the following:

  • Musical Futures: Just Play is a practical workshop plus a full easy-to-use resource for generalist primary teachers, music co-ordinators, primary music specialists and secondary music teachers which explores the Just Play, the skills-building Musical Futures approach.
  • Find Your Voice with Musical Futures! A practical workshop which explores our inclusive approach for engaging students of all ages with singing through vocal work and the integration of mobile technology.
  • Composing and Improvising: ‘Groove your classroom’ with our classroom workshopping approach which models strategies for composing and improvising as a large group and shows how these can be delivered in practical ways that are musical as well as theoretical.
  • Songwriting: This workshop explores inventive techniques for teaching contemporary songwriting and is supported by materials that engage students with fresh, hands-on approaches, opening them up to exciting possibilities for storytelling and music creation. Complete with take home resource packs and lesson plans you can immediately use in the classroom, this is an opportunity to develop your own songwriting skills in a practical workshop.
  • Informal learning is a model of self-directed learning that aims to enhance student motivation, enjoyment and skill-acquisition in music lessons by tapping into the real-life learning practices of popular musicians. Unpick how this works in practice and discuss the impact a change of approach can have on music teaching in schools
  • OnCue is the new Musical Futures approach to creative music-making. New resources combined with non-formal pedagogies (and practices) make OnCue suitable for use with any musical ensemble enriching and widening access to extra-curricular music learning.

If you would like to make an enquiry please complete our training and consultancy request form or contact Fran Hannan, Head of Strategic Partnerships T: 07985 188889 E:

Great sessions which catered for a diverse team of staff. Really good feedback and positive outcomes.

Lindsay Thomas, One Education Music

Excellent workshops – extremely accessible for all abilities and levels.

Claire Armour, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Brilliant ideas to take forward into my own teaching… a fantastic day – left with lots of new ideas and strategies…

Kate Baxter, Manchester Metropolitan University