The Musical Futures Work with Us network exists to promote, nurture and develop best Musical Futures practice.

As a classroom teacher

If you use Musical Futures in your classroom, sign up to access free Musical Futures resources and create your own personalised library. Click now to get started!

As a musical futures Champion Teacher 

Champion Teachers:

  • Champion MF through practice
  • Can represent MF views/pedagogy and talk with authenticity about Musical Futures
  • Have an online presence, are outward facing and use social media
  • Help with product testing and case studies
  • Contribute to conferences
  • Write guest blogs for Musical Futures
  • Are happy to share stats and data about Musical Futures use and impact
  • Potentially become part of our delivery team if needed

Champion teachers will have attended Musical Futures training and subsequently embedded Musical Futures into their practice.

As a Champion School 

Champion schools:

  • Provide a venue for training events
  • Welcome visitors to see Musical Futures in action
  • Network with and support other schools with implementing Musical Futures
  • Develop and share resources
  • Advocate for Musical Futures locally and where possible on social media
  • Provide examples of student work and impact to be shared through our networks
  • Access and trial new resources as they are created
  • Free on-site training for you and your staff
  • Discounts for training and resource packages
  • Access to conferences/events held at other venues
  • Join a vibrant growing network of cooperating schools
  • Take advantage of marketing opportunities for your school via the Musical Futures international community
  • Have a profile on our website as a champion school

You can read more about Musical Futures Australia champion schools here

As a Partner Organisation (UK only)

We recognise that the days of working in isolation are well and truly over. We have ambitious plans for the future and are keen to work with others who share similar goals and vision. If you are an organisation who works with schools or young people, contact Fran Hannan Head of Strategic Partnerships or read more about our in-house training programme 

Partner Organisations:

  • Provide a venue for training events
  • Develop and share resources
  • Advocate for Musical Futures locally and where possible on social media
  • Provide examples of student work and impact to be shared through our networks
  • Access and trial new resources as they are created
  • On-site training for your staff
  • Take advantage of marketing opportunities via the Musical Futures international community
  • Have a profile on our website as a partner organisation

As an Associate (UK only)

Musical Futures Associates are music practitioners who help us to expand our delivery team when needed or support the development of new programmes or resources.  Associates share the Musical Futures values in their own practice and are familiar with the approaches and are able to model them to others.

Musical Futures Associates will be expected to have attended relevant Musical Futures training events at their own cost.

As an Affiliated Organisation (outside the UK)

Musical Futures International Affiliates are recognised providers of Musical Futures programmes. There may be any number of affiliate organisations within one country. Musical Futures Affiliates:

  • Provide and deliver Musical Futures programmes under licence from Musical Futures
  • Are able to train teachers and practitioners in Musical Futures programmes, either as a free offer or with a charge-for-service delivery
  • Have licensed to them all teacher resources created during the period up to March 31st 2015, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial license. Such materials may be freely used, but not resold commercially
  • Use of all Musical Futures training materials
  • Use of Musical Futures branding for Affiliates
  • Listing and profile on the Musical Futures website

Please click HERE for details of how to apply to become an international affiliate

As an International Partner (outside the UK)

Musical Futures international partners work in collaboration with Musical Futures UK on an ongoing basis. These are organisations independently constituted for the purpose of developing Musical Futures in their country.

To find out more about our work with us programme please contact