Here at Musical Futures we want to continue to lead a movement with partners, to revolutionise music education in the UK. School by school, teacher by teacher, we want inclusion and real-world learning at the heart of every music lesson.

By supporting Musical Futures you can help us achieve our mission and secure our future as an independent non-profit organisation. We must fundraise at least a third of our income – or £150,000 – every year to deliver our programme and continue to grow. This is combined with the income we earn from our training, consultancy and conference sponsorship.

Your support directly enables us to continue a commitment to prioritise our work with schools in the most deprived towns and cities in the England, where we are implementing the Musical Futures approach through equipping schools with instruments, training teachers and ensuring children of all backgrounds have an opportunity to benefit from music-making.


Our 2017-18 programme will:

  • introduce ‘On Cue’ to schools, our new approach to music making with ensembles including integrating music technology, for kids of all ages.
  • reach a further 5,000 primary school kids with our ‘Just Play’ approach, working with music education hubs to empower more teachers, especially those without formal music training, to lead music classes.
  • pilot three innovative projects working in out-of-school settings to promote young people’s health and wellbeing.
  • grow our network of Champion Schools and Champion Teachers to include new Champion Organisations and international partners and affiliates.
  • broaden our weekly Twitter #MUFUchat to new social media platforms, addressing music education topics most relevant to our community.
  • continue to reach more primary and secondary school kids through our established approaches including ‘Compose and Improvise’ and ‘Find Your Voice.’


However you choose to support us, you will play a vital role in what we do next.

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