Leading Creative Subjects in Secondary Schools

Our values based leadership course for aspiring and existing Heads of Department or Faculty

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We believe that effective subject and faculty leadership are essential in creating the right conditions for excellence, attainment and creativity in the classroom. Our values-based leadership course is designed around the ethos and pedagogies of Musical Futures as a basis for developing excellence in all arts subjects, and we will look at examples of how this has been applied successfully to art and drama lessons.

Throughout the day we will explore how to develop a curriculum that places practical, immersive learning experiences at the heart of the arts subjects and immerses students in real world learning, whilst fulfilling whole school requirements. In addition, there will be sessions on data, funding and assessment along with exploring effective leadership in the current challenging educational environment.

Aims of the course

  • Explore approaches to developing student engagement through real world learning to raise attainment & aspiration
  • Understand how to develop relevant curriculum and programmes of study
  • Explore options for study at key stage four
  • Develop your skills as a middle leader
  • Develop knowledge of fundraising opportunities and explore bid-writing
  • Understand how to interpret data to drive improvement
  • Explore practical ways to match the creative aspects of arts subjects with whole-school agendas


  1. Leadership: Explore how values-based leadership can help to develop you as an excellent leader of arts and cultural education in a secondary school. Find out how to engage staff, develop links with external partners and ensure that the arts remain firmly fixed on the school agenda, with students as co-creators of your provision.
  2. What Is Great Learning In The Arts?: Explore what excellent learning looks and feels like in creative subjects and how, as middle leaders, you can create the conditions for this to flourish.
  3. Assessment in Practice: Understand how to create a simple, effective assessment system that promotes learning and progress, and explore practical ways to address challenges around recording evidence of assessment particular to creative subjects.
  4. Data: Busting the myths around data – we will explore how to interpret the new performance measures, and use data as a tool for improvement.
  5. Fundraising: With ever diminishing budgets in schools, we will explore alternative methods of funding and explain how and where to find grant funding and donations.

Who is it for?

This course is particularly suited to heads of department or faculty leaders of arts based subjects, or those who are aspiring to leadership roles within secondary schools.

What's included?

  • Sessions led by an experienced practitioner and arts leader
  • Example curriculum plans
  • Examples of student work at Key Stages three and four
  • Overview of qualifications in the arts that are approved for league tables
  • Model assessment policies and approaches
  • Data Guide
  • Fundraising pack
  • Tour of a successful department & informal discussions with staff
  • Refreshments and lunch

Benefits of Musical Futures training

  • Based in a school setting – see the evidence of effective leadership first-hand
  • Increase student participation in creative subjects
  • Approaches put students and their learning at the centre of the purpose of leadership
  • Led by a practising teacher who understands the realities of classroom teaching!


Martin Ainscough

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The Musical Futures training sessions are all run highly professionally with a great atmosphere.
Caroline Stott - Head of Music, Cockburn High School, Leeds

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