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Develop ideas for the music classroom using this practical approach to building essential musical skills on a range of instruments for ages 8-14

Tue 11th Jun 2019, 10am - 4.00pm
Hayes School, Bromley, West Common Road Hayes Bromley BR2 7DB
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Please note: This full day’s training also incorporates our Everyone Can Play entry level whole class ukulele approach as well as Just Play.

About Just Play:

Just Play is our Musical Futures ‘first access’ programme for both teachers and students. It is designed to build holistic musical skills and an understanding of how to play as a whole class band​.

The approach is designed to engage students in whole class music making by providing a simple step by step resource that supports the development of instrumental skills on drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and ukulele, using music that students like, enjoy and identify with.  Students rotate regularly so that they all play each instrument which ensures a level of challenge and breadth of experience.

The differentiation opportunities within the Just Play resource mean that it is equally suited to students at both primary and secondary stages of education from ages 8-14.

The Just Play Playalongs contained in the resources are a  great way to get students playing together as a large group.  Not only do they provide a safety net for students and teachers to experiment with whole class music making but they allow everyone to take part, regardless of prior musical experience.

Just Play playalong content is regularly updated ensuring that repertoire fresh, contemporary, accessible and engaging.

Aims of the course

  • Understand how to deliver outstanding lessons that are rooted in active music making
  • Explore ways to ensure that students are fully engaged in lessons
  • Develop confidence in promoting and identifying outstanding progress in music learning
  • Develop classroom approaches that provide a catalyst to involve all students, including disadvantaged groups in extra-curricular music making
  • Build essential performance skills amongst students that will promote achievement and attainment in music
  • Understand how the approach works with students – all Musical Futures courses are delivered by teachers in classroom settings and where possible, include a session that involves students so that delegates can see the approaches in action.

Download the  course outline: Just Play Outline 2018-19


  1. Everyone Can Play: A tour round our foundational ukulele resource, Everyone Can Play – ideal for those students new to ukulele!
  2. Building Skills: Explore how to develop instrumental skills in a whole class setting on ukulele, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums using both our Just Play and Everyone Can Play resources and how this approach can foster outstanding learning in your own classroom.
  3. Performing: Perform a range of current popular songs using the Just Play ‘playalong’ resources and look at how performances can be used to measure progress.
  4. Next Steps: Discuss the best way to implement Just Play in your classroom/department and gain some practical advice from teachers on how to ensure that this
  5. Beyond the Playalong: Ideas for developing musical skills using Just Play playalongs as the basis for improvising and composing linked to key Musical Futures pedagogy.

Who is it for?

The approach is recommended for use at primary level from ages 8-11 onwards, or ages 11-14 at secondary level.  The resources are designed in a way that enables non-specialist teachers to deliver engaging music lessons for their students.

  • Primary generalist teachers of ages 8-11 who want to make music with their classes.  This approach to music teaching has been designed and scaffolded for general classroom teachers who don’t consider themselves to be music specialists.
  • Primary music specialists: Just Play can be adapted for use with a range of instruments or to build on Whole Class Learning.
  • Secondary music teachers: Just Play is a great way to build basic instrumental skills on a range of instruments commonly found in the secondary classroom and is ideal for use with ages 11-14.
  • Instrumental teachers engaged in small group or whole class ensemble tuition.

Please note that Musical Futures: Just Play is designed to enhance, rather than replace, any specialist music provision that primary schools may already engage with.

What Is Included?

A full day training course delivered in a school setting, and involving a class of students (where possible) includes:

A teachers guide and resource pack containing:

  • A download link to the full Just Play materials and resource (worth £110), which provides a full scheme of work, teacher notes, class materials and play alongs all ready for classroom use straight away.
  • A download link to the full Everyone Can Play materials and resource (worth £40), which provides a full scheme of work, teacher notes, class materials and play alongs all ready for classroom use straight away.
  • Additional Playalong Resource Pack – 3 of our latest playalongs of your choice (worth £45)

Expert guidance through a practical and enjoyable workshop

The chance to network with local teachers

New Just Play playalong tracks are regularly available to download from the MF website (at an additional cost) so there are always new and up-to-date resources to use with your students!

Benefits of Musical Futures training

Teachers who use of Musical Futures in schools report:

  • An increase in numbers of students taking up instrumental lessons on a wider range of instruments
  • Increased student participation in concerts and performances
  • Better engagement with classroom music for all ages
  • Greater satisfaction in relation to their teaching and own musicianship​

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Professional development is offered at £135 (Early Bird)/£155 (Standard) per person, and includes:

  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Relevant resource packs – Just Play and Everyone Can Play
  • Free Musical Futures basic membership.

For students in full time education, completing a PGCE or on School Direct you can take advantage of our student rate starting at £85.  Please bring your student ID with you to the event.

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For students in full time education, completing a PGCE or on School Direct. Please bring your student ID with you to the event. Book by 7th June

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Jane Werry – Musical Futures Senior Trainer

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I tried out the 'funky jam' one with a new S2 class and I was blown away by the engagement of all pupils. We are planning to roll this out this session with our S1 and S2. I am incredibly excited about this resource!
Pauline Reilly - Principal Teacher of Music, Douglas Academy

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