Musical Futures at Key Stage Four, Nottingham

Practical ideas for teaching music at KS4

Fri 26th Jan 2018, 9.30am - 4.00pm
The Nottingham Emmanuel School, Gresham Park Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 7YF
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Our Musical Futures at Key Stage Four full day workshop gives ideas and strategies for teaching at this level which are both musical and theoretical.  

Exploring practical ways to analyse, unpick and understand music through whole class workshopping, composing and improvising will support students to transition successfully from Key Stage 3 – where music frequently has a focus on practical work – to Key Stage 4:

  • KS4  music is made more accessible for those students who may not have formal instrumental lessons.
  • Learning by doing – making key terms and concepts easier to learn.  ​
  • Students are more likely to remember what they are learning if they are actively engaged in the process. ​

Aims of the course

  • To analyse/understand music using performing and composing activities related to music GCSE content
  • Develop tools to increase student skill and confidence with improvising
  • Explore approaches to composition and performance using GCSE set works
  • Share ideas and resources to make GCSE music vital, practical and engaging

All Musical Futures courses are delivered by teachers in classroom settings and where possible, include a session that involves students so that delegates can see the approaches in action


Start With A Set Work – Performance

  • Explore a GCSE set work to examine specific musical features as a basis for classroom performance
  • Develop student knowledge and understanding of key musical concepts through classroom performance.

Start With A Set Work – Composition

  • Explore a GCSE set work to identify key features typical of a style or genre as a stimulus for student composition.
  • Identify strategies to assist students with composing using improvisation to collaboratively create and compose new works that reflect the key features of a style or genre.

Groove Your Classroom – Improvisation

  • Ideas and resources using a rhythmic groove as a starting point.
  • Developing melodic ideas by adding instrumental lines
  • Exploring structure, texture, complimentary chords and other musical features to develop compositions further.

Songwriting – Applying creative skills to a task

  • Exploring a series of starting points for songwriting​  
  • Using a variety of approaches to help your students with songwriting – practical activities and resources to support the process!

Who is it for?

This course is particularly suited to teachers who are interested in exploring practical approaches to teaching music at examination level, but is equally suitable anyone seeking ideas and inspiration for composition and improvisation.

  • Heads of Music
  • Secondary Music specialists
  • Classroom music teachers
  • Instrumental teachers
  • Trainee music teachers
  • Newly Qualified music teachers

What's included?

  • A full day training course delivered in a school setting and where possible,  involving a class of students
  • A download link to a teachers guide and starter pack containing access to all resources for immediate use
  • Refreshments and lunch

Benefits of Musical Futures training

Teachers who use of Musical Futures in schools report:

  • An increase in numbers of students taking up instrumental lessons on a wider range of instruments
  • Increased student participation in concerts and performances
  • Better engagement with classroom music for all ages
  • Greater satisfaction in relation to their teaching and own musicianship​

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  • Free Musical Futures basic membership.

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The Musical Futures training sessions are all run highly professionally with a great atmosphere. The practical hands-on approach allows delegates to experience it from the perspective of the students.
Caroline Stott - Head of Music, Cockburn High School, Leeds

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