Just Play – It’s Musical Futures, but not as you know it……

We are very excited to announce the planned schedule of Just Play training days to run across the UK in 2016-17.

Just Play is the new skills-building approach from Musical Futures. The training programme consists of a full day of practical, hands on workshops, with opportunities to network with fellow music professionals. By attending a training event, you receive our brand new Just Play Premium Resource for free, which includes everything covered on the day as well as teacher guidance notes, so that you can get started with Just Play the very next day!

You can view all our current Premium Resources here.

Training days cost £125 + VAT or £62.50 + VAT for students and this includes all resources.

Now open for booking:

Just Play: Kent Monday 22nd May (targeted at generalist teachers, in partnership with Kent Music)

Just Play: London 6th June

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Composing and Improvising London: Tuesday 20th June

On Cue: Norfolk Friday 30th June

Just Play is:

For any teacher of years 4-6 who wants to make music with their classes, this approach to music teaching has been designed and scaffolded for teachers who don’t consider themselves to be music specialists, which means that no previous musical experience is necessary

For primary music specialists, Just Play can be adapted for use with a range of instruments or to feed and build on WCIT teaching.

For secondary music teachers this is a great way to build basic instrumental skills on a range of instruments commonly found in the secondary classroom and is ideal for use with years 7-9.

Please note that Musical Futures: Just Play is designed to enhance, rather than replace, any specialist music provision that primary schools may already engage with.

What teachers are saying about Just Play

“The simplicity and adaptability of the resources are brilliant”

“This approach has totally changed my outlook and approach to teaching music”

“This approach makes music accessible to everyone – teachers and students”

“Just wanted to say thank you to you so much for organising a brilliant day.
Really enjoyed it and it was such a pleasure to attend a well run course which was so hands on. Fantastic.”