Programme: Workshops

Put yourself in the position of your learners - you will Find your Voice, you will Just Play, you will produce, improvise and progress.  The Music Learning Revolution will refresh your approach to teaching & learning, and give you new ideas and resources that can work in your classroom the very next day.

Makey Makey your own electronic instrument

A group approach to electronic music making led by Pete Romhany, Morpeth School London

In this practical workshop, Pete will explain the Music Concrete project and the device Makey

Musical Futures: Just Play

Musical Futures approach to building instrumental skills through whole class music making.

Musical Futures: Find your voice

Find Your Voice with Musical Futures! A practical workshop which explores our inclusive approach for engaging students of all ages with singing through vocal work and the integration of mobile technology.

Musical Futures: Start with a set work

Start with a set work: Musical Futures approach to Composing and Improvising gives students the skills needed to tackle the demands of exam board composing unit requirements and is delivered in practical ways that are musical as well as theoretical.

Musical Futures: On Cue

OnCue is the new Musical Futures approach to creative music-making. New resources combined with non-formal pedagogies (and practices) make OnCue suitable for use with any musical ensemble enriching and widening access to extra-curricular music learning.