Crafting a festival

Musical Futures ideas don’t start in meeting rooms. They evolve gradually via conversations on training courses, through subtle hints picked up on social media, by attending inspiring gigs, after watching incredible YouTube videos of students performing work created in classrooms, on long train journeys, with groups of teachers in crowded pubs…..


And so you won’t be surprised to hear that the concept for The Music Learning Revolution, our new flagship event, started with a Tweet. ‘What we need is a conference run by teachers for teachers’ said @jackieschneider.

It got us thinking. Because we agreed. Through The Music Learning Revolution we hope to engage a wide range of partners to help us create something pretty special. From the outset the event has been crafted directly with teachers, and it will be teachers who deliver the majority of the workshops.

Not only do we want to ensure every delegate attending – whether secondary music specialist, primary generalist, headteacher, music hub leader, SEN coordinator – leaves with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and inspiration, but that they feel suitably skilled to do so. Plus the keynote speakers we are lining up will provide unique perspectives on the work of music teachers and practitioners that is relevant and solution-focused.

And do you know what? We think every single person attending should have fun. Lots of it. This festival will be lively, colourful, have a few unexpected twists, lots of performance – this is all about music and people after all.



The Music Learning Revolution will take place on 23rd October 2015 at The Brewery, London, EC1Y 4SD

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Great sessions which catered for a diverse team of staff. Really good feedback and positive outcomes.

Lindsay Thomas, One Education Music

In all schemes of work and lessons from now on! Excellent day, wish I would have come years ago.

Jamie Thomas, Hall Cross Academy

The children I am working with are responding to positively. They are very keen to learn new music and don’t not feel threatened to play. They enjoy the ‘have a go’ and ‘just play’ strategy.

Mhairi Easton, Southesk primary School