Hidden Musicians

Our vision is for a future where everybody benefits from the value of music.

Too many people tell us they aren’t musical and we want to challenge that. We are surrounded by #hiddenmusicians, listening to the radio, singing in the shower, playing in a band, going to gigs, using technology to engage with and create music in truly personal ways.

Here at Musical Futures it doesn’t matter what genre or style of music that you enjoy. If you like it, if it moves or inspires you, comforts you or challenges you then that’s good enough for us!

This month Musical Futures is launching a search for our #hiddenmusicians

 Like Jackie who works in Brewers Fayre in Scotland, who makes up tunes on a guitar app on her iPad when she’s bored. And Andrea who we met at Luton Airport – she’s just got a piano so she can learn to play alongside her granddaughter. Or Marcus, who works in commercial real estate for a global corporation, who has a passion for hip hop and rapping.

Help us find, recognise and feature the stories of these ‪#‎hiddenmusicians‬ by using #hiddenmusicians #musicalfutures on Instagram, #hiddenmusicians on Twitter or post to our Facebook Page and tell us your story.

Let’s uncover the value and impact of music in the lives of everyone no matter who or where they are.

In all schemes of work and lessons from now on! Excellent day, wish I would have come years ago.

Jamie Thomas, Hall Cross Academy

Yesterday’ss RSL course was absolutely outstanding. The school was awe inspiring and just walking round the corridors gave me some excellent ideas to implement at my own school. With regards to the RSL aspect of the course, I now have a strong understanding on how to run it and know how my assignment briefs should look etc. etc.

Jack Cotton – Broadgreen International School, Liverpool

Would be lost without MF – The organisation supports my ethos as a teacher!

Teacher of Music, Turves Green Girls School