Musical Futures: Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is a practical, hands-on, inclusive approach for engaging students of all ages with singing through vocal work and the integration of mobile technology and was created with the following aims:

1. To help students and teachers to feel confident about using their voices and mobile technology to create and explore music
2. To engage all students with singing in the classroom
3. To break down barriers to inclusivity and creativity through using mobile technologies in the music classroom, drawing on the interest and expertise of students

Find Your Voice works through 3 key approaches:
EXPLORE: with students what the potential of their voices and the technology they carry with them through a variety of activities integrating performing, composing, listening and improvising

RECREATE: music they have explored vocally using mobile technology and learn to break down and recreate songs of their choice

CREATE: their own music

Find Your Voice:

  • Focuses on aural learning
  • Integrates listening, performing and improvising
  • Starts with music that students are familiar with
  • Encourages independent learning


Find Your Voice was created in collaboration with The Sage Gateshead