An open challenge to music teachers

How many musical responses can we gather from one starting point?

We know that there is an immensely talented workforce of professionals out there working in schools making music of huge variety and diversity.

Our back to school challenge is designed to unearth the most creative responses to a simple task.

We will provide the notation for a piece of music that has been especially commissioned for this project by one of our Musical Futures schools. We want practitioners to:

  • Take this
  • Use it in any and every way possible
  • Innovate with it, redesign it for use in their own contexts
  • Share the outcomes with us.

Then on 22nd October, 3 schools from Herts, London and The Hague will come together for a mass workshop to really explore the potential of this piece of music. The results will be performed live at The Music Learning Revolution on 23rd October

Trinity College have created a space on their VLE click HERE and you will find:

  • A piece of notation for you to download and use
  • A video suggesting one approach
  • Links to resources to get you started
  • A place to view what others have produced

We want to see how teachers use this in their classrooms and celebrate the true diversity of approaches out there that make music relevant and meaningful to students of any age.

Once finished you can tweet @musicalfutures with a link to video or audio, or email it to us at Just make sure you get it to us before 23rd October and that you’ve checked with your school that you have the right permissions in place then you’re all set to get involved in the Music Learning Revolution.

The children I am working with are responding to positively. They are very keen to learn new music and don’t not feel threatened to play. They enjoy the ‘have a go’ and ‘just play’ strategy.

Mhairi Easton, Southesk primary School

Great sessions which catered for a diverse team of staff. Really good feedback and positive outcomes.

Lindsay Thomas, One Education Music

In all schemes of work and lessons from now on! Excellent day, wish I would have come years ago.

Jamie Thomas, Hall Cross Academy