Musical Futures features as case study in latest OUP publication

The chapter by Abigail D’Amore (Musical Futures) and Gareth Dylan Smith (Institute for Contemporary Performance, London) in ‘The Oxford Handbook of Music Making and Leisure’ explores the Musical Futures pedagogical approach, focusing on its potential alignment with music making and leisure. The joint frame of an MF approach and the aspiration to leisure has clear implications for considering: adolescents’ identity and learning realisation, for the continued professional development of teachers, and for the democratisation of classroom spaces, where issues of power and pedagogic authority are raised, challenged, and negotiated.

‘Aspiring to Music Making as Leisure Through the Musical Futures Classroom’ by Abigail D’Amore and Gareth Dylan-Smith in The Oxford Handbook of Music Making and Leisure, Oxford University Press, released December 2016.


Musical Futures training and CPD programme 2017

Have learnt so much today, will revolutionise my teaching. Super, uplifting, motivational, inspirational.

Angela Lesslie, Peripatetic Instrumental Teacher

In all schemes of work and lessons from now on! Excellent day, wish I would have come years ago.

Jamie Thomas, Hall Cross Academy

The children I am working with are responding to positively. They are very keen to learn new music and don’t not feel threatened to play. They enjoy the ‘have a go’ and ‘just play’ strategy.

Mhairi Easton, Southesk primary School