Musical Futures Involved in European Songwriting Project

23rd February 2019

Future Songwriting is a European project led by Finnish copyright society Teosto. With the help of EU funding, the Future Songwriting project will introduce, pilot and validate INTO SCHOOL music education concept, developed in Finland, to Finnish, German and French schools.

The concept involves pupils composing, writing and producing their own songs with the help of digital tools with the aim of bringing creative music-making to the core of music education in schools and encouraging teachers and students to focus on creativity. It provides equal opportunities for everyone to create music, and to take part in creative processes, expressing themselves through music and the arts. It provides equal opportunities for everyone to create music, and to take part in creative processes, expressing themselves through music and the arts.

Two school pilots will commence in March, at Santamäen Koulu and the bilingual French-Finnish School HRSK in Helsinki. In the next 2 years, 15 school pilots are will be taking place in Germany, France and Finland.

Future Songwriting introduces a new model to music education. Using creativity and digital tools and activating children’s innate potential the project aims to create the future of teaching and learning music.

The two-year project is coordinated by Teosto, and is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.

Creativity in the classroom
Children have innate creativity and ability to engage with music. Future Songwriting aims to give room for their potential by putting music creation in the foreground. Music is taught through a creative process using digital tools where everyone can contribute. The concept is based on a comprehensive model developed by INTO SCHOOL concept, an award-winning Finnish innovation.

Digital Tools for All
As a first step of Future Songwriting pilots, teachers receive training to get familiar with the technical tools and methodology. Tools and training are tailored to suit all levels of skill, and facilitate a creative and rewarding process. The involvement of active musicians ensures that participants receive up-to-date knowledge and a hands-on experience.

Research-based Innovation
The University of Arts Sibelius Academythe University of Cologneand Musical Futures accompany the project, observing the model based on creativity and student involvement. Research carried out by the Music Technology Group from University Pompeu Fabra will focus on the technological aspect of the model. Future Songwriting brings together scholars, educators, musicians, teacher educators and the music industry to collaboratively develop better and more creative learning environments and equip teachers with knowledge and tools to facilitate creative music-making in their classrooms.

European Cooperation through Music
School pilots in Germany, France and Finland, coordinated research by institutions based in four European countries, and project communication by Artisjus, the Hungarian association representing composers and musicians makes Future Songwriting a collaborative effort reaching not only across countries, but also professional fields and age-groups, through the universal language of music.

“Modern music technology has opened up new possibilities in teaching as well as learning music and arts. For example, earlier musical background or mastering traditional instruments is not needed any more,” says Tuomas Hiedanniemi, Head of Pedagogy of INTO SCHOOL.

Our goal is to give an impulse for the long-term development of music education in schools and to support bringing up the next generation of music creators. For the last couple of years, we’ve been piloting Into School music education concept in Finnish schools with convincing results. However, the challenges of music education are similar also in other parts of Europe. We see this as a great opportunity to share our knowledge and experiences outside the borders of Finland and get valuable input from high-level partners with the help of European funding“, commented Risto Salminen, CEO of Teosto.

Fran Hannan, Managing Director of Musical Futures (UK) said, “We are delighted that Musical Futures is involved in this major EU funded project and we hope to be able to introduce some elements of the INTO SCHOOL music education concept piloted in the project to our own work with teachers and schools we work with both in the UK and across Europe.

Future Songwriting is a collaboration of Teosto (Finland), University of Arts Helsinki (Finland), Pompeu Fabra University (Spain), University of Cologne (Germany), Sacem (France), Artisjus (Hungary), Musical Futures (UK).

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Excellent workshops ‑ extremely accessible for all abilities and levels."

Claire Armour, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra