The power of the voice!

Two recent articles have drawn attention to the part that singing in a choir can play in music education. This article describes the ‘holistic’ experience that a recent overseas tour of the school choir formed for the students while in this piece, there’s a suggestion that it’s becoming less ‘cool’ to sing in a choir at school.

At Musical Futures we advocate that vocal work should be embedded into the culture of all schools, given how successful many primary schools have been in getting everyone singing. This can be done by bringing more singing and beatboxing into music lessons to create ways to integrate mobile technology into the classroom. Breaking down the barriers that can be created by a lack of teacher confidence, the inevitable self-consciousness that many adolescents feel when singing, these were compelling reasons for devising our Musical Futures: Find Your Voice approach and how much we love some of the innovative and exciting vocal work that students around the world have produced.

Would be lost without MF – The organisation supports my ethos as a teacher!

Teacher of Music, Turves Green Girls School

Brilliant ideas to take forward into my own teaching… a fantastic day – left with lots of new ideas and strategies…

Kate Baxter, Manchester Metropolitan University

Great sessions which catered for a diverse team of staff. Really good feedback and positive outcomes.

Lindsay Thomas, One Education Music