Musical Futures: Songwriting

Since the dawn of time, humans have developed ways to tell stories, inspired by our experiences and imaginations. One of the most significant and popular ways to tell stories is through song.

Why Teach Songwriting?

  • Students can direct the outcome of their music making and creatively apply their musical knowledge and skill.
  • Students can express themselves, as well as work collaboratively with their peers to explore shared experiences and ideas.
  • Students develop the ability to critique and analyse their own work
  • Songwriting exposes them to a range of music technologies, as well legal issues around intellectual property rights, and an exploration of the value of ideas and creativity.
  • Students can share their work through performance, recording and publishing of their song(s).

Resources include::

  • Introduction to techniques, tools and no cost/low cost resources that develop and foster songwriting skills
  • A framework for a 6 week student songwriting project including worksheets for guidance^
  • Supporting teacher resource pack that provides detailed lesson plans
  • Inventive techniques that engage students with a fresh, hands on approach to creating, performing and recording their music
  • Opportunities to develop their own songwriting under expert guidance

What we offer:

  • Inventive techniques for teaching contemporary songwriting
  • Materials that engage students with a fresh, hands-on approaches , opening them up to exciting possibilities for storytelling and music creation
  • Take home resource packs and lesson plans you can immediately use in the classroom
  • The opportunity to develop your own songwriting skills under the guidance of professional songwriters and education experts