How do we learn? How should we lead?

16th October 2015

Guest blog by Pete Moser, Artistic Director and CEO of More Music

A story from our work at More Music, Morecambe

Stages Open House on a Thursday at The Hothouse, Morecambe.

6pm: You walk into the building and the team of musicians, volunteers and young leaders are setting up 6 spaces ready for the evening of musicmaking to begin. Drum kits, amps, small PA’s set up in rooms that will take either 3 or 100 people.

6.30pm: The team sit for a cup of tea, read the previous weeks evaluation and confirm the plan for tonight, discussing any particular features of the expected group of young people.

7pm: 30 – 40 young people from across the district come in and before settling into their own music gather for a chat about what is happening tonight, the gigs and events coming up and to share any other knowledge and information.

7.30pm: Music is taking place in every room. Musicleaders walk around and ‘juggle plates’ or run sessions in particular rooms. There is a ‘rock school’, a recording room, a stage set up with PA and 2 small practice rooms that have band rehearsal schedules. There is a computer/IT room where people zone out or learn some new piece of software and play. Throughout the evening there is discussion about upcoming gigs in the building – line up lists developed, tech plans made, marketing to get people in discussed.

9.30pm: The evening over, pack down and evaluation conversation done people leave by 10.45pm knowing that the evening has delivered again and will keep developing – week on week.

Stages started in 1995 across the other side of Morecambe in a community centre and now includes 3 regular nights a week, 6 gigs in the building a year and features at 4 local festivals.

What was happening in the evening was most every kind of leadership and most every kind of way of learning. Is it ever right to offer one kind of learning style? The balance should respond to the group and always tailor to their needs in every community music setting – is the same true in a school? Can our musicleader/teachers develop a repertoire that can translate and shift to each environment?

Stages Open House, Friday Night Project, Youth Leaders, Stages Live, all at The Hothouse
Music Leaders – Jon Moore, Ashley Murphy, Leroy Lupton, Sam Middleton, Joe Webster.
Project Managers – Rachel Parsons, Jane Wignall

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Excellent workshops ‑ extremely accessible for all abilities and levels."

Claire Armour, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra