Musical Futures in our school by Norbridge Academy KS2

31st March 2016

Alysha Yr 6

I love music. This half term we have been concentrating on percussion and rhythms. We looked at how our communication had to be bang on and how we have to work together.

Like usual, we were separated into groups to work on a composition and at the end of the term we did a performance.

I think Musical Futures has really moved the class on with time keeping and massively with communication.

All of KS2 look forward to our music lessons at Norbridge and I’m glad we have had a head start for when we go to year 7


Georgia Yr 5

Musical Futures is really fun because everyone likes the type of music that we do in lessons. We get to play different instruments from all around the world and we all love the music lessons.


Jake Yr 5

The best thing about Musical Futures is being able to help other children in the class with their music.

It’s really fun because we get to play lots of interesting stuff.

I now want to make a band of my own.


Joshua Yr 4

In music we have been making up our own songs with African Drums, it has been great.

We have worked really hard on communication when playing and we made 3 parts to our song and then we had to perform it to the rest of the class.


Melissa Year 4

In our music lessons over the last few weeks we have been making music with percussion instruments.

Mr Oakton put us into groups and each group worked on a table or in the hall.

We practiced lots of times and then performed it to the class. I think everybody enjoyed making the music and then being able to perform it.


Tom Yr 6

After half term in Musical Futures we started working on percussion. We worked in a group for 4 weeks on our own and then performed to the rest of the class.

The group that I was in did really well. I feel that I have learned a lot about rhythms and improved in general music.

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Excellent workshops ‑ extremely accessible for all abilities and levels."

Claire Armour, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra