Musical Futures launches in SE Asia!

31st January 2017

2-day training event in Hong Kong 31st March-1st April-click to find out more!

The Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur was the location for our very first SE Asia Musical Futures 3 day intensive training event in November.

We were joined by delegates from more than 10 countries who came together to explore Musical Futures from the inside out in workshops led by Anna from MFUK and Ken from MF Australia. Unpicking everything from Find Your Voice to On Cue, Just Play and informal learning, we can’t wait to see how teachers take the approaches back into school and embed into their classes across the next year.

We also spent 2 days working with Liz, John, Martine and Nicole and their fabulous students at The British School in Jakarta. Leading classes with years 4,5, 7, 8 and 9 Ken and Anna modelled Musical Futures in action then worked with staff to look at how adopting Musical Futures approaches into their vibrant and growing department could support a whole school push towards enquiry-led learning and informal pedagogies.

Teachers in SE Asia are welcome to join our Musical Futures: SE Asia Facebook group and watch our international training events page for details of more events coming soon!

Excellent workshops ‑ extremely accessible for all abilities and levels."

Claire Armour, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra