Everyone Can Play Ukulele: Wonderwall

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About This Resource

Our Everyone Can Play Playalongs are designed as an add-on to existing Everyone Can Play Ukulele resources for teachers and schools to make more classroom music together.

This Everyone Can Play Ukulele playalong: Wonderwall will enable students to put instrumental skills, strum patterns, chord shapes and easy chord progressions into action using chords C, Em, G, D and A

This playalong also features in our NEW Musical Futures Everyone Can Play Ukulele Songbook and can be used as a follow on resource to support our Everyone Can Play Beginner Ukulele Resource or as a standalone resource.


Each Playalong Resource is made up of a PowerPoint presentation incorporating instructional mp4 files so you can play along as you watch. The 2 tracks in this playalong include:

  • Full track
  • Instrumental track

Example Format for Everyone Can Play Playalongs:

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The  materials are contained in PowerPoint format.

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The Musical Futures Everyone Can Play training programme provides expert guidance through a practical introduction, and how to use the resource in your classroom.  Everyone Can Play resources are included as part of the training. Full details here.

Everyone Can Play: Wonderwall

PowerPoint Download

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Everyone Can Play: Wonderwall

PowerPoint Download

Buy now £7.50

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Pay by PayPal or credit/debit card or select pay by invoice at checkout. For billing queries please contact info@musicalfutures.org

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