MF Transition Project: Descant and Treble recorder


Here are all of the resources you need to learn the descant and treble recorder part for The Passenger. The audio and video files (descant only) have been broken down into the sections. Listen to the audio files, and watch the video (descant only), to help you to learn your part. You can either listen to the audio directly from this site, or download a zip file containing all of the sections for the descant and treble recorder.

Please note: these recordings are at full speed.

A possible structure for The Passenger is:

Intro (Section 1)
Verse 1 (Section 2)
Verse 2 (Section 3)
Chorus 1 (Section 4)
Verse 3a (Section 5)
Verse 3b (Section 6)
Chorus 1 (Section 7)
Chorus 2 (Section 8)

Guidance sheets are available to download below. Please note: the original audio track should always be the starting point for the students, with the backing track made available to play along to. The worksheets/full parts can be used for students who request them, but should not be provided without the audio.

Top Tips

  • Make sure students have access to the original track as well as backing tracks, this helps place their part in the context of the piece as a whole and helps them to play in time.
  • Add links to the school VLE so that students can practice at home or with instrumental teachers if they have lessons outside the classroom
  • You don’t have to use the entire song! Sometimes students can learn just one riff, perhaps from the chorus or introduction and repeat this rather than try to learn too much too quickly

Get Creative

  • We have provided resources for one song here. Consult with students at your local primary / secondary schools and decide upon a different song to arrange, based on your students’ interests, and the instrumental resources you have available
  • Break down the song into riffs and rearrange these to create a new piece
  • Click here for the Teacher Resource notes for running this project

Audio and Video

Excellent workshops ‑ extremely accessible for all abilities and levels.

Claire Armour, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra