Everyone Can Play Beginner Ukulele Premium Resource

Everyone Can Play is a set of resources designed for the ukulele providing a simple step by step resource, suitable for beginners, that supports the development of instrumental skills on the ukulele using practical activities which cover strum patterns, chord shapes and easy chord progressions.

The materials are contained in PowerPoint format.

The PowerPoint Contains:

  • All the instruction needed to position chords on the ukulele starting with easy chords – Am, F and C and working up to Em, G and D
  • Activities to get pupils playing the ukulele straight away – call and response activities and strum patterns on each of the chords
  • 2 chord jams to practice changing chord or taking it in turns to play
  • Video playalongs – containing 2-3 ukulele chords which change with the song and suggested rhythms
  • For a guide to the chords covered in the resource (excluding activities, strum patterns and video playalongs) click HERE

Technical requirements
Please check you have the following minimum operating system requirements before downloding the resource:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later
  • Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or later should be installed
  • To ensure fluid playback on a monitor and speakers, your computer should have a suitable video card, sound card, drivers and cables installed.

Please consult your network administrator for further advice or email info@musicalfutures.org before purchase.

Payment information
The resource costs £40  – select PayPal, credit / debit card or invoice at checkout. Please note: All orders requested via invoice should include details of your finance department.  You must also have raised a Purchase Order Number or similar prior to ordering.

Upon purchase/invoice request (subject to a PO or similar) you will be sent an email containing links to download the resource. For queries and support please contact info@musicalfutures.org.

Disclaimer: Any unauthorised copying or re-selling of the resource will constitute an infringement of copyright (c) Musical Futures 2018

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