In The Style of…Dua Lipa

In The Style of…Dua Lipa

This resource comes with a complete re-made track of Dua Lipa’s New Rules along with some re-created samples from 6 other Dua Lipa tracks.  It is an ideal resource to use as a remix or composition activity allowing your students to create authentic music using technology in the classroom.  Equally, this could also be used to scaffold a performance activity, allowing students to mute particular parts whilst they play along.

The resource includes:

  • Re-created full Garageband session of Dua Lipa’s number 1 track ‘New Rules’
  • MP3 file of the re-created Garageband session
  • Empty Garageband session containing relevant tracks, structure and instruments
  • Re-created samples and MIDI parts to create a unique remix containing:
    • 48 drum samples (cymbals, FX, kicks, percussion, snares and claps)
    • 36 samples containing new rules instrumental stems, hooks and cuts
    • 7 vocal samples, riffs and hooks from 6 other Dua Lipa tracks for remixing/mash-up projects
    • MIDI parrts for bass, keys and pads
    • Full acapella samples from New Rules that students can edit and re-use
  • Teacher Guide (available free below)
  • Classroom Powerpoint with supporting teaching content

In The Style Of Technical Requirements – Minimum operating system requirements

Please download our In The Style Of Dua Lipa Teacher Guide containing more information and frequently asked questions.