Our impact

Musical Futures was established in 2003 and grounded in academic research, is based on the real-world practices of popular and community musicians.

Musical Futures is now one of the most successful and sustainable music education initiatives in schools in the UK and Australia and more than 1.5 million students worldwide have benefited from Musical Futures in 71 countries.

We provide teachers around the world with training, support, networks and resources to deliver practical, engaging, developmental music provision in the classroom.

Impact headlines from research into Musical Futures:

  • Schools reported a 70% average increase of students wishing to take music beyond statutory provision and noted that Musical Futures supports student progression
  • Students exceeded their teachers expectations, demonstrating higher levels of attainment than previously
  • Previously disinterested students were more engaged, more focussed and showed improved attitude to learning in music lessons
  • Students showed increased confidence, self esteem, concentration, independent learning skills, team working, organisational skills. and behaviour
  • Students showed increased participation in lessons by all students and an improvement in musical and leadership skills
  • Teachers reported increased take-up of extra-curricular activities by students engaged in Musical Futures lessons
  • Teachers reported that Musical Futures the way they delivered music in the classroom enabling them to engage in more personalised teaching and to adopt a more practical approach in the classroom
  • 1/3 of students agreed that doing music lessons helped in other school subjects, particularly through developing group work skills.
  •  Nearly 50% of students agreed that Musical Futures helped them to feel more positive about school
  •   Senior managers in schools recognised Musical Futures as a way of developing transferable skills amongst their students

Read the Institute of Education impact report and longitudinal studies for further information.