Association for Popular Music Education

Association for Popular Music Education

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The Association for Popular Music Education in the USA is working with Musical Futures to rollout Musical Futures to higher education institutions that are looking to informal learning and non-formal teaching to help better prepare their students to teach in the US public school system.

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APME has an international membership, and is also the home of the forthcoming Journal of Popular Music Education, which boasts an editorial board of over 50 educators and higher education leaders (including Lucy Green).

Goals and objectives of APME:

1.     To promote the education of popular music

2.     To create educational opportunities for educators and students of popular music at all levels

3.     To identify, develop, and promote best practices in the teaching and learning of popular music

4.     To encourage a connection between the music industries and popular music education

5.     To foster collaboration among artists, teachers, scholars, and organizations to advance popular music

Lead contact = Dr Bryan Powell, Executive Director