Jenny Black

Boclair Academy, Scotland

How long have you been working with Musical Futures?

I have been using Musical Futures since 2009 when I discovered resources through media advertising and online websites. I was instantly drawn to the workshopping pedagogy of getting everyone in the room playing music from the very outset of the lesson, engaging all different types of learners into learning concepts and methods of composition through active performance.

The pedagogy suited our department and the ethos which I had inherited when I took post – to have music making at the very heart of our curriculum. After a couple of years I applied to become a Champion teacher and went on to deliver music training sessions in our department for other teachers from all over the UK.

I believe giving pupils the confidence to use their voice to create and perform music is key to developing creativity in the music class and all round musicianship,  and I was delighted to be part of delivering new Find Your Voice resources. We also piloted the Scottish Music resource and helped to train teachers in teaching Scottish traditional dances such as strathspeys and reel via workshopping and learning by ear.

I am passionate about using technology in the music classroom to nurture creative minds whilst keeping our subject relevant and giving pupils skills for life long learning. I am very excited to be part of the new project with MF and Ableton!

What do you do?

I am the Principal Teacher of Music and Music Technology

What is your background?

I was lucky to have had a very enriching music education in Fife Council in the 90’s, being part of the regional orchestra, national  and local string orchestra, and youth choir. During my B Ed at the RSAMD Glasgow where I studied as a soprano (now RCS) I sang with semi professional bands, sang in choirs, and taught myself how to mix records. I became hooked on northern soul, funk and Record label Hed Kandi. This hobby soon became a part time job, and I enjoyed performing funky house live with percussionists and vocalists and various club nights around Glasgow. From this personal interest in electronic music and experience in live performance, I have successfully developed new music technology courses in school across BGE and Senior Phase. I recently gained my certificate as an Ableton Producer.

Five Words that sum up Musical Futures

Fun, Inspiring, Engaging, Dynamic and Relevant.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Maggie Rodgers, Imogen Heap, Daft Punk, The Lumineers, Alison Krauss.