Marymede Catholic College, Melbourne, Australia

This year has been a most exciting year at Marymede Catholic College with the introduction of the new ‘Musical Futures’ approach to learning music in the classroom. We have been delighted with the opportunities our students have been offered and we acknowledge the wonderful support we have received from both the College Leadership Team and Musical Futures Australia.

“It’s a fun environment where students can learn individually and collaboratively depending on personal choice. It gives everyone an opportunity to play an instrument. It helps us focus because with the JamHub Silent Rehearsal Studio everyone has control over their own and others’ volume. The technology enables us to quickly download songs, lyrics, chord symbols, and playing along to the original track gives us confidence and keeps us all together. I love Musical Futures because it enables me to use my own musical abilities in a creative way and the accessibility of resources means that we all can achieve so much more than we used to.“  Nanette Mangoba (Music Captain 2015)

We assess the students’ capabilities via a system which focusses on the key skills associated with creativity: Communication, Composition, Performance and Evaluation. This not only provides the students with a focus on building life skills but also creates an environment of ‘Individualised Learning’ and opportunities for ‘Student Choice’.

We as teachers facilitate the students’ learning once the student has identified their own learning goals dependent on the students’own needs. The journey of learning begins once the student has committed to being curious, meticulous and focused on each set goal. Technology has increased the students’ potential for rapid success and curiosity is the first step in acquiring the knowledge and skills to be successful lifelong learners.

Check out some of the work our students have achieved from Year 7 through to Year 10.