Mounts Bay Academy, Cornwall

Mounts Bay Academy, Cornwall


Our school has a great culture of original song-writing through the school record label. Students write, record and produce their own tracks which are released on the school compilation album and some have released their own solo EP’s. We have released 25 albums since 2015 and recently got voted the South Wests favourite record label in the Music Expo awards. We have already completed one tour of Europe with the next one booked for 2020. Music is a huge part of our school with performances every Friday lunchtime regularly attended by 150 pupils and a huge extra-curricular offer from traditional church bell-ringing to Japanese Taiko drumming, karaoke, rock bands, string ensembles and choirs. Everything we do is student led, so every gig and performance has lighting and sound set-up and run by the student tech team. A huge 43% of students will leave with a level 2 qualification in music or music technology and the department continues to grow in the face of government artistic austerity.

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