Outwood Academy Adwick, Doncaster

Outwood Academy Adwick, Doncaster


Outwood Academy Adwick is part of the Outwood Grange Academy Trust, a trust of over 30 schools. Outwood Academy Adwick is committed to ensuring that our students receive the very best musical education. All of our lessons involve playing music from the get-go – we absolutely adopt the attitude ‘Involve me and I’ll understand’.

The department is run by Kristina Carpenter who is incredibly passionate about getting it right for every student. All students experience learning a wide range of instruments through whole class ensemble workshopping, group band tasks and compositional tasks. Furthermore, the music room has a purpose-built stage in order to further develop students’ confidence and understanding of live performance.

We have fully embedded the ethos of Musical Futures in our KS3 and KS4 curriculum. Students are growing into confident and passionate musicians and it’s a pleasure to watch. We offer BTEC music at KS4 and we provide free music tuition to all students studying music and FSM students. We have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities within school including a Choir, junior band and KS4 ensembles.