Royal Lancaster Grammar School, Lancashire

Royal Lancaster Grammar School, Lancashire


The Music Department at LRGS is an exciting and welcoming place to be with a large range of instrumental resources and an extensive music library. The music building provides dedicated instrumental storage and rehearsal spaces which boys are able to book for independent practice and rehearsals. Department ICT facilities and specialist computer programmes enable all students to produce high quality work.

Music lessons include a high proportion of practical activities and aim to widen the students’ personal experiences of music, as well as giving them the skills that they require to be able to access musical activities at any stage of their lives.

There are many thriving musical groups within the school and it is anticipated that musical students will take an active part in these. Older students often lead groups and boys are encouraged to form and rehearse their own groups.

LRGS Music puts on regular concerts, but the most high profile events in the calendar are led by the choir. Our traditional Nine Lessons and Carols and Founders’ Day Service are two of the most significant events in the school year.

A European tour is usually undertaken biennially and we have recently taken groups to Catalonia, Germany and Tuscany as well as hosting the Jazz Band and Choir from our partner school in Altenholz.