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What people are saying out Musical Futures: Composing and Improvising

“Very useful. Helped to improve my confidence with songwriting which I had never done before”

“Great fun and full of great ideas for the practical music classroom”

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Musical Futures approach to Composing and Improvising gives students the skills needed to tackle the demands of exam board composing unit requirements and is delivered in practical ways that are musical as well as theoretical. Take an existing piece of music, break it down, transform it, improvise on its various elements and collaboratively create and compose new works. The approach is about unpicking and understanding music from the inside out and is full of strategies to build confidence with composing and improvising that can be used with students of any age.

  • Heads of Music
  • Teachers interested in practical approaches for composing with classes
  • Secondary Music specialists
  • Classroom music teachers
  • Instrumental teachers
  • Trainee music teachers
  • Newly Qualified music teachers

Four workshop sessions focus on:

1) Whole class workshopping that makes music analysis a practical activity

2) Groove Your Classroom increases students skill and confidence with improvising

3) Pick and mix approaches to songwriting is full of ideas for getting started with songwriting

4) Sharing ideas and resources that can make GCSE music vital, practical and engaging

You get:

  • All the materials and resources (free) to use in your classroom straight away
  • An approach that your students will love and you’ll love to teach
  • Expert guidance through a practical and fun workshop
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Membership of Musical Futures to include access to members-only resources, equipment deals, offers and more
  • Access to our international teacher network to share ideas with like-minded teachers across the world

Session 1: Practical ways to analyse music through whole class workshopping

Session 2: Groove your classroom and increase your students’ confidence with improvisation

Session 3: Songwriting pick and mix! Applying creative skills to a task.

Session 4: Sharing ideas for making lessons engaging, practical and relevant.


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