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Musical Futures believes music learning works best when young people are making music, and when their existing passion for music is reflected and built-upon in the classroom.

Musical Futures was established in 2003 and grounded in academic research, is based on the real-world practices of popular and community musicians.

Musical Futures is now one of the most successful and sustainable music education initiatives in schools in the UK and Australia and more than 1.5 million students worldwide have benefited from Musical Futures in 71 countries.

We provide teachers around the world with training, support, networks and resources to deliver practical, engaging, developmental music programs in the classroom.

Event details

All international training and consultancy events are bespoke depending on the needs of the organisation. We provide presentations and training events on:

  • Informal learning (based on Professor Lucy Green’s research into How Popular Musicians Learn)
  • Non-formal teaching
  • Find Your Voice
  • Just Play

All workshops are practical and hands-on, but also cover background, pedagogical principles and the application of Musical Futures in a range of contexts – including resourcing, timetabling and assessment.

We also provide consultancy for organisations on: building a community of practice; communications including social media; creating and developing resource materials for schools; scaling up and rolling out a programme via a cascaded training system.


  • Elementary and high school teachers with a responsibility for delivering music programmes
  • Specialist instrumental / vocal teachers
  • Students who are training to be teachers
  • University lecturers – higher education and/or teacher training
  • Music or arts education organisations with a responsibility for delivering music in schools
  • Chains of international schools

For further details on in-house training and consultancy and how we can work with your organisation, please contact

You get:

·       All the materials and resources (free) to use in your classroom straight away

·       An approach that your students will love and you’ll love to teach

·       Expert guidance through practical, musical and fun workshops

·       Membership of Musical Futures to include access to members-only resources, equipment deals, offers and more

·       Access to our international teacher network to share ideas with like-minded teachers across the world


You will learn how Musical Futures approaches can help to:

·      improve the transition from junior to secondary music

·      develop fresh ideas for composing, improvising and songwriting and whole class work shopping for primary and secondary classes

·      introduce new ideas for inclusive extra – curricular music in school

·      challenge more advanced instrumental players through new routes to learning music in class

·      get more students taking up instrumental lessons on a wider range of instruments

·      increase participation in concerts and performances

·      improve engagement with classroom music for all ages

·      increase numbers of students opting to participate in music

·      provide practical ideas for how to deliver examinations courses

For further details on in-house training and consultancy and how we can work with your organisation, please contact

All Musical Futures workshops are practical, hands on and are designed for teachers to experience the approaches from the perspective of their learners then unpick and collaboratively plan how to take them back into school and adapt them to their own contexts. The training schedule will include reference to:

  • Musical Futures: Just Play is a practical workshop plus a full easy-to-use resource for generalist primary teachers, music co-ordinators, primary music specialists and secondary music teachers which explores the Just Play, the skills-building Musical Futures approach.
  • Find Your Voice with Musical Futures! A practical workshop which explores our inclusive approach for engaging students of all ages with singing through vocal work and the integration of mobile technology.
  • Composing and Improvising: ‘Groove your classroom’ with our classroom workshopping approach which models strategies for composing and improvising as a large group and shows how these can be delivered in practical ways that are musical as well as theoretical.
  • Songwriting: This workshop explores inventive techniques for teaching contemporary songwriting and is supported by materials that engage students with fresh, hands-on approaches, opening them up to exciting possibilities for storytelling and music creation. Complete with take home resource packs and lesson plans you can immediately use in the classroom, this is an opportunity to develop your own songwriting skills in a practical workshop.
  • Informal learning is a model of self-directed learning that aims to enhance student motivation, enjoyment and skill-acquisition in music lessons by tapping into the real-life learning practices of popular musicians. Unpick how this works in practice and discuss the impact a change of approach can have on music teaching in schools
  • Musical Futures: On Cue is the new Musical Futures approach to creative music-making. New resources combined with non-formal pedagogies (and practices) make OnCue suitable for use with any musical ensemble enriching and widening access to extra-curricular music learning.
  • The Big Gig (Australia June 2016): Most music education conferences are programmed in a way that means attendees spend most of their time sitting and listening to presentations. But at Musical Futures we want our 2016 Conference to be a little different – a little more MF!
    Instead of sitting and listening we are going to play, sing, compose, arrange, produce, scratch, rap and improvise our way through two days of workshops. This Conference is more like a big two day gig – where participants come along and make music – some organised, some improvised with the view of taking those ideas, skills and materials back into the classroom
  • Music Learning Revolution (UK October 2016): MLR is a one-day conference for anybody working in music education. It is a call to action to keep relevant, dynamic, inclusive and engaging music learning alive for all young people.Powered by Musical Futures, a grassroots movement driven by music teachers, the Music Learning Revolution provides a diverse range of workshops with practical ideas that can be incorporated into classrooms the very next day; a series of inspiring talks by leading voices from creative industries, arts, culture, schools and politics; it connects industry and education, and provides a platform for young musicians from UK classrooms to come together, collaborate and perform.

For further details on in-house training and consultancy and how we can work with your organisation, please contact

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