Training KS4 (ages 14-16)

Teaching The RSL Level 2 Certificate in Performance/Technology & Composition For Music Practitioners

Guidance and resources to effectively deliver this vocational music course


The RSL Level 2 Certificates in performance and technology and composition provide an ideal programme of study for students at key stage four who have thrived through a practical approach to learning at key stage three. The qualifications continue to be approved by the DfE and are included in 2020 league tables. 

This course will ensure that delegates are able to develop practical approaches to delivery, understand the specification, assessment criteria and opportunities for practical, real-world and authentic learning offered by the qualification.  

Includes sample student work (video recordings & written work that have been successfully moderated) along with model assignment briefs, teaching resources and assessment/verification protocols.

Note: This Musical Futures course is delivered by teachers with extensive experience of delivering the RSL qualification – representatives from RSL are not present on the day.

Aims of the Course

  • Understand the requirements of the RSL Music Practitioners specification and develop confidence to plan the course
  • Be able to create effective assignment briefs
  • Develop an understanding of the grading criteria and apply it to student work in order to assess effectively
  • Explore resources that can help to deliver authentic learning experiences for students for a range of units on both the performance and technology/composition course
  • Understand the systems and processes needed to deliver RSL courses effectively


Qualification Overview 

Develop your understanding of the course and the specification

Writing Assignment Briefs 

Learn how to write assignment briefs that engage learners in practical, real-world learning activities and make the most of the Musical Futures informal learning and classroom workshopping pedagogies

Grading Criteria & Assessment

Understand how to unpick the assessment criteria in order to assess accurately

Practical Learning through RSL Units

Explore our Musical Futures Resources and assignment briefs that are designed to enable your students to succeed in practical units (resources and assignment briefs are included as part of the course)


An opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, experiences and discuss the practicalities of running vocational music qualifications.

What Is Included?

  • Notes & session materials
  • Example assignment briefs
  • Examples of student work (written and practical) that has been successfully moderated
  • Full access to a digital resource pack for unit 205ta (Composing Music) including teaching/delivery materials and assignment briefs
  • Interaction/discussion with students completing the RSL level 2 courses
  • Refreshments and lunch

Who Is It For?

  • Heads of Music
  • Classroom music teachers 
  • Instrumental teachers/freelance staff involved in RSL delivery

Benefits of Musical Futures Training

  • Based in a school setting – A chance to see another department/school in action
  • An opportunity to discuss with students and gain their perspectives on their experiences of the RSL qualification
  • Led by a teacher with experience and success in delivering the RSL qualification with their own students 
  • Increase student participation in creative subjects
  • All resources included
  • An opportunity to network with other music teachers

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