Retail Partner: UCan Play

Musical Futures is delighted to partner with retail company UCan Play to offer high quality equipment packages to schools!

UCan Play and Musical Futures will be working closely together to ensure that teachers and schools using Musical Futures have access to products and packages at competitive rates.

Below are the range of packages that directly support Musical Futures approaches in the classroom. When you click on a package you will be redirected to the UCan Play website. You can see all packages here at UCan Play’s Musical Futures area.

Secondary ClassroomThis package contains all the equipment you need for one silent work station. If you have limited space in your department, setting up a series of these can negate the need for breakout rooms.

Just Play: Everything you need to get started with whole class music making, building foundational instrumental and musical skills is contained within this package.

Just Play Build a BandThis package includes a few luxury items such as hooks to hang guitars, vocal microphones and ukuleles.

Groove Your ClassroomAll about percussion! Get the class grooving and shaking and build essential skills of rhythm, pulse and ensemble.

Classroom WorkshoppingThis package includes a rhythm section, ukuleles, tuned and untuned percussion, perfect for some whole class music making especially if you are short on space.

Practice Room: Kit out your breakout spaces with the Practice Room package. These instruments will help your bands work in small groups and small spaces!

Packages can be tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact UCan Play to start a conversation about how they can support your Musical Futures’ activities!