Workshops in Europe

Attend internationally recognised quality professional development in teaching music in Europe

Interested in Musical Futures training but aren’t able to attend a UK workshop? 

We work with schools and organisations to offer presentations and taster sessions, training and consultancy packages in the UK, Ireland or Europe.

Our experience comes from over 15 years of designing, applying and adapting Musical Futures teaching and learning strategies in classrooms.

About Musical Futures:

Selected as one of the top 100 innovations in global education by Finnish education organisation HundrED in 2017, Musical Futures believes music learning works best when young people are making music, and when their existing passion for music is reflected and built-upon in the classroom.

Musical Futures was established in the UK in 2003 and is based on ground-breaking academic research on the real-world practices of popular and community musicians. Currently more than 1.5 million students in 123 countries worldwide benefit from their teachers use of the Musical Futures approach.

About Musical Futures Workshops:

Musical Futures workshops are practical, hands on and designed for teachers to experience the approaches from the perspective of their learners.

We will be offering both one and two day workshop options to introduce delegates to Musical Futures approaches which designed for ages 8 to 14 complete with accompanying resources to enable teachers to deliver engaging music lessons for their students.

Delegates at Musical Futures Workshops Receive:

  • Teacher notes and class support materials all ready for classroom use straight away – INCLUDED FREE AS PART OF THE TRAINING
  • Expert guidance through a practical and enjoyable workshop(s)
  • The chance to network with local teachers and find out about our teacher networks

Musical Futures upcoming workshops in Europe for 2020:

Musical Futures Workshop, Dublin (February 21st & 22nd 2020 – venue TBC)

Other dates and venues for summer 2020 TBC – register your interest in attending a workshop elsewhere in Europe below:

If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your school and would like further details on what this involves OR would like to enquire about in-school consultancy: