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Welcome to Musical Futures! If you are looking for resources, then head over to MusicalFuturesOnline and explore our brand new web-based subscription platform with over 500+ resources available for classroom and home learning. Meanwhile, all our open access Musical Futures content is available here as usual, as well as individual standalone JustPlay resources and playalongs.

Musical Futures is a not-for-profit organisation. Our vision is for a future where everybody benefits from the value of music.  We want music-making to be relevant, engaging, imaginative and authentic – to keep music alive in our schools in order to nurture the creative talent of tomorrow.

Our new Musical Futures Online resources website is now available – find out more about how our resources website can support your teaching!

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It’s the way we learn

Although the world has currently been overtaken by a global pandemic, we continue to support teachers and those working with young people in music by access to free school closure resources

We hope to be able to resume our face-to-face training and consultancy offer for Teachers, Schools, Music Hubs, Academy Chains, Schools Direct providers, Initial Teacher Training Institutions and other organisations once the threat of COVID-19 has subsided. 

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