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Musical Futures

Music Changes People

Our vision is for a future where everybody benefits from the value of making music.

Musical Futures is a movement with a charitable purpose to transform, engage and inspire people through making music that is meaningful to them.

Our creative, exciting, innovative, tried-and-tested learning methods and approaches are based on the way self-taught musicians learn. They build on individuals’ existing musical interests, involve learning instruments and vocals mainly by ear, alongside friends, and are authentic and progressive.

Musical Futures’ hands-on training, resources, consultancy and online networks enable teachers and those working with young people or adults to deliver inclusive and inspirational music learning activities.

What we do

We support and train professionals and individuals who believe that everybody has the right to make music. The people who do the bulk of the Musical Futures work are teachers and practitioners, who take the Musical Futures approaches and implement them, often with little or no additional funding.

We respond to the needs of teachers, practitioners and others who are using the Musical Futures approaches and support and drive forward innovation.

The work of Musical Futures falls into the following areas:

Training and professional development

Musical Futures training is practical, hands on and grounded in the reality of teaching music in a 21st century school. Designed and led by teachers, delegates put themselves in the position of their learners and are able to plan and reflect accordingly. Above all, Musical Futures training reminds teachers of their roots and is always a fun, inspiring and creative day.

Festival of Innovation in Music Education

The Music Learning Revolution is a new one-day festival of practice for teachers and leaders to share, develop and inspire innovative ways of engaging all young people in music learning. Designed for secondary music teachers, primary teachers (specialist and non-specialist), school and sector leaders, Music Learning Revolution will take delegates on an experiential journey of sound, vision and practical classroom ideas.

Resource production

Musical Futures commissions and collects resources showing how teachers can deliver high quality, relevant music making projects and approaches in their classroom. Musical Futures has also produced a selection of research and reports about how to engage learners in the music classroom.


Musical Futures has a weekly online Twitter chat run by teachers: #mufuchat is at 8.30pm GMT on Wednesday evenings, as well as an online forum.


The Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiated Musical Futures in 2003 to find new and imaginative ways of engaging young people in meaningful and sustainable music activities. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation investment enabled the testing of a series of models and approaches through a series of pathfinder programmes followed by a national rollout of Musical Futures via resource development and dissemination, a Continuing Professional Development programme, the establishment of a community of practice, and related events and advocacy. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation trustees agreed in July 2014 to provide a £1.2m transition grant to support Musical Futures to become an independent not-for-profit organisation during the period August 2014 – March 2017.
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