Just Play Premium Resource

Just Play is the new musical skills building approach from Musical Futures

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The Just Play resource is in a PowerPoint format, which means that it can be easily edited and adapted to suit a variety of different contexts. It contains:

  • Funky Jam activities to get students playing straight away, starting with clapping the pulse and call and response activities to music
  • Warm ups that gradually get more difficult
  • 2, 3 and 4 chord jams and medleys to practice changing chord or taking it in turns to play
  • Strip back to bass: showing root or bass note on each instrument
  • Just Play rhythms
  • Video playalongs full track – containing ukulele, bass, guitar and keyboard cues with lyrics that change with the song and suggested rhythms in a box
  • Video playalongs click track – allowing the class to play the song without the backing track while still following the visual cues
  • Accompanying teacher notes including curriculum mapping and a sample half termly plan
  • Key cards

Technical requirements
Minimum operating system requirements – Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later and Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion or later. This resource requires Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or later to be installed. To ensure fluid playback on a monitor and speakers, the computer needs to have a suitable video card, sound card, drivers and cables installed. Please consult your network administrator for further advice.

Payment information
The resource costs £95+VAT. Grant funding to Musical Futures enables the resource to be available at this subsidised rate.

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Upon purchase / invoice request you will be sent an email containing links to download the resource. For queries and support please contact info@musicalfutures.org

Musical Futures Just Play training programme provides expert guidance through a practical introduction to Just Play, and how to use the resource in your classroom. Priced at £125+VAT you will receive a free copy of the resource as part of the training. Full details here.

Disclaimer: This resource is licensed for UK use only. Any unauthorised copying or re-selling of the resource will constitute an infringement of copyright (c) Musical Futures 2016