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Just Play Playalongs

Our Just Play Playalongs are designed as an add-on to existing Just Play resources for teachers and schools to make more classroom music together. 

Everyone Can Play Resource

Everyone Can Play is a simple step by step resource, suitable for beginners, that supports the development of instrumental skills on the ukulele using practical activities which cover strum patterns, chord shapes and easy chord progressions.The Everyone Can Play Ukulele Songbook can be used as a follow on resource to support our Everyone Can Play Beginner Ukulele Resource or as a standalone resource.

Everyone Can Play Playalongs

Our Everyone Can Play Ukuele Playalongs are designed as an add-on to existing Everyone Can Play Ukulele resources for teachers and schools to make more classroom music together.


The following resources are available to support understanding through performance of GCSE set works.

Music Technology

Our new Music Technology resources are designed to provide authentic learning experiences for students in the classroom using the music that the like, enjoy and identify with.

Songwriting Resources

Our songwriting resources are designed to support teachers and students with songwriting, exploring ideas, lyrics and music.

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is a practical, hands-on, inclusive approach for engaging students of all ages with singing through vocal work and the integration of mobile technology.

Musical Futures Teacher Resource Pack

This resource pack was first published in 2008 and is the definitive guide to informal learning, classroom workshopping and how to apply these approaches in your school or teaching situation.

Informal Learning

Students acquire skills and know-how via collective decisions and endeavours, with teacher/practitioner as facilitator, in any context – in or out of school. For example, students play music they like with their friends in groups.

Modelling Aural Learning

Having been dropped into the ‘deep end’, students are now given more guidance and structure through a broken-down ‘musical model’ of a song.

Composing and Improvisation

Skill acquisition gained through practical application, teacher as musical leader, in a setting such as a classroom or community context. For example, classroom workshopping and whole class performance.


This project is designed to be accessible to anyone from a non-specialist primary teacher to specialist practitioners in either phase. Download the documents from the relevant page for your phase.

Instrumental Futures

Musical Futures approaches work brilliantly with ensembles as well as in the classroom and there are some great examples of instrumental teachers applying the pedagogy to one to one tuition too.

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