Fran Hannan

Managing Director
07985 188889

How long have you been working for Musical Futures:
10 years

What do you do:
Establish and broker partnerships, develop relationships, create opportunities, look for solutions, team player, people person

What is your background:

  • Studied music at Chetham’s School of Music and Nottingham University
  • Taught cello, music and other subjects in both primary and high schools
  • Head of Extended Learning Development for ArtForms (Music Education Hub lead partner)Leeds
  • National Co-ordinator, Secondary Programme co-ordinator, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Musical Futures

Five words that sum up Musical Futures:
Engaging, positive, imaginative, reflective, changing

What music are you listening to at the moment:
Queen, Rainbow and loads of other tracks for inspiration for a Just Play playalong!

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