Martin Ainscough


Martin Ainscough


How long have you been working for Musical Futures:
I started as a ‘Champion Schools Teacher’ in 2008, and have been working with Musical Futures since then.          

What do you do:
I am Director of Creative Learning at Fred Longworth High School where I have responsibility for the arts (art & design, dance, drama & music), careers education and vocational learning.  As a music teacher I deliver RSL Music Performance, GCSE and NCFE Music Technology at Key Stage Four. I’m also an SLE (Specialist Leader of Education) in Music so I offer support & leadership training for teachers in other schools.

What is your background:
I studied Music at Salford University and worked as a professional musician for a while, working on board cruise ships and travelling abroad before starting teaching at Fred Longworth in 2007.  I also worked in the Optical Industry for a few years, working in Australia and the UK.  I completed an MSc in Educational Leadership & Management in 2011, and have led training internationally around developing creativity in education.

Five words that sum up Musical Futures:
Engaging, Relevant, Kids, Informal, Doing

What music are you listening to at the moment:
Morrisey, Elbow & Jamiroquai!

Musical Futures Director

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