Vision, Aims & Values

Our vision

Our vision is for a future where everybody benefits from participating in music making.

To that end we develop and supply universal learner-led materials and resources, provide training and support to primary and secondary teachers and partner with schools to help them transform mandatory music offers into a creative learning experience that impacts and affects individual, social and system change.

Our aims

Musical Futures was developed in response to a need to improve music education and in particular to improve access to music making in schools and to increase its relevance to children and young adults.

​Our aim is to revitalise the practice of music teaching and teachers and to assist schools in building sustainable high quality programmes.

Our values

Musical Futures is shaped around these core values that state music learning should be:

  • Inclusive – everyone takes part at their own level
  • Engaging– learning is practical and hands-on
  • Relevant – starts with music that learners engage and identify with
  • Sociable – it is collaborative and with friends
  • Informal – led by learners with teachers/leaders modelling, guiding, supporting
  • Varied – learners perform, listen, compose, improvise, work on a range of instruments and voices, use technology, explore a range of genres and styles
  • Progressive – music learning experiences are high quality, authentic where possible, and with clear progression routes
  • Respectful – all learners, no matter what their ability or experience, are treated as musicians, and are supported to learn and develop