Musical Futures: On Cue

Can instrumental music be truly inclusive if playing in ensembles demands a certain standard of note reading ability and instrumental skill?

How can we accommodate the range of skills levels and experience often found amongst instrumentalists?

Are we really nurturing the ‘whole musician’ if learning and performing comes from reading the notes?

On Cue is the Musical Futures approach to creative music-making. New resources combined with non-formal pedagogies (and practices) make On Cue suitable for use with any ensemble.

Music is initially learned by ear and basic melodic ideas are then developed through improvisation and collaborative composition. Developed in partnership with Musical Futures Associate Adam Saunders, the approach consists of 7 steps to learning musical content through use of body percussion, vocalising, singing, playing by ear and improvising to build, create, develop and perform a new piece of music as a large group.

The On Cue resource consists of:

  • A video breaking down the approach
  • Relevant notations
  • Relevant backing tracks
  • Key charts
  • Seating plans
  • Teacher notes

To find out more about On Cue training, please click here.

Case studies and examples of On Cue being trialled with ensembles in the UK and the international launch of the new resource took place at The Big Gig in Melbourne in June 2016, in partnership with Musical Futures Australia and in the UK at the Music Learning Revolution in Manchester on 18th October.

Read our blog post about the On Cue workshop for KS3 instrumental players held at Morpeth School.